Find out why we are the NUMBER ONE vintage BMW tuner in the entire world! No other company can compete with our service, knowledge, products, and warranty.

Founded in 2009, SSSquid Tuning specializes in Vintage BMW and contemporary Japanese vehicles, and, with over 10 years experience in the field working with companies like Bosch, BMW, Subaru, and more, we can confidently offer the most complete tunes on the market. Beyond just ECU tuning, SSSquid is also involved with every aspect of ICE operation, from intake filter to exhaust tip. Not only do we provide full particle flow analysis of intake or exhaust manifolds and systems, but also provide full aero analysis, chassis component stress analysis, and custom product creation.

100% stock vehicle, stage 0.5 vs stock tune, 89 octane, +5%hp/tq


stage 1.5 vs stock +26hp +24tq


Our tunes go far beyond the dyno– utilizing real-world datalogging and computer simulations in order to determine the best tuning options for every stage of the vehicle, from your ECU to your intake manifold.

per-gear tractive effort


Tuning doesn’t stop at the ECU– intake and exhaust tuning plays a major role in engine efficiency. Here at SSSquid we preform these analyses for a variety of customers looking to improve or validate their designs, from your garage modder to mass-production facilities.


stock m20 exhaust manifold turbulence intensity
modified M20 exhaust manifold turbulence intensity


runner comparison testing


exhaust primary diameter vs. velocity


original manufacturer design


SSSquid optimized design


aero testing


turbo manifold testing


stock m20 manifold testing


turbulence intensity


simple exhaust collector comparison