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Injector Refurbishment


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We offer full injector refurbishment and flow-testing services. We can service nearly any gasoline injector (diesel excluded for now). Furthermore, we also offer flow-matching services!

This service comes complete with a full cleaning and testing, from complete disassembly to ultrasonic internal cleaning, even brand-new fittings! You can see a complete list of testing below:

  1. Disassembly
  2. External Cleaning
  3. Full Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
  4. Full new components (filters, o-rings, pintle caps, etc.)
  5. Test at Idle
  6. Test at Low Throttle
  7. Test at Part Throttle
  8. Test at Full Throttle
  9. Flow-Matching Service
    – including free and automatic matching with in-stock injectors (if available)
  10. Final External Cleaning and Lubrication

This service is provided PER EACH INJECTOR. If you have 6 injectors, you’ll need to purchase QTY 6 of this service. FREE SHIPPING is provided on orders over $50USD in total.

Quad hole nozzle injector (left) vs. single hole nozzle injector (right). Notice the more dispersed pattern of the quad hole unit.


This can cause serious engine trouble — when one injector is flowing almost double the lowest flowing unit. This is why injectors need to be flow matched, not just cleaned.