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Bring your M60 to life with this fully tuned, daily driven, and track tested  performance chip. The SSSQUID performance chip is the most complete tune on the market, with every aspect of the mapping being optimized from idle to wide-open-throttle.

This chip is compatible with:

  • 1993–1995 E34 540i
  • 1992–1994 E32 740i
  • 1994–1996 E38 740i
  • 1992–1996 E31 840i


0.5 6800
1.0 7000
1.5 ++
2.0 ++
2.5 ++
3.0 ++

++ Denotes modification-specific limits. We will recommend a rev limit based on your engine modifications, but it can also set according to your request!

Don’t know what stage you need? Looking for a little advice? Please see the GETTING STARTED page or CONTACT US for more information!

Additional information


404, 484


Shipped and sold directly by SSSQUID!

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1 review for M60B40 CHIP

  1. drp535 (verified owner)

    Chip specs as ordered: stock M60B40; 404 DME; stg 0.5; 95RON fuel; DFCO null (special order request); 6500rpm rev cut.
    The chip is brilliant. Right from first turn of the key it was obvious this chip was making a huge difference. Engine started instantly from stone cold and went straight to a perfectly stable 500-600rpm idle as opposed to dry cranking for 1-2 seconds, overreving above 1,000rpm and settling back to idle before with the OE chip.

    DFCO driveline snatching/shunting on cusp of closed throttle overrun is completely gone as requested.

    There is a bit more power/torque than before, but no more than the stage 0.5 tune describes on website. It feels like the ~5% gain as claimed. This is fine by me as my main beef with this engine was the DFCO interruption and resultant loss of smoothness & refinement, rather than any lack of grunt. I have no desire or intention to be modding this engine with bolt on parts, so stage 0.5 is all I was looking for.

    Fuel consumption average on the stock OE chip was 13.8 l/100. It’s now 12.6 l/100 on SSSquid.

    Gear shifts are crisper & quicker too. All good, no downsides. 5 stars!

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