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  • Designed to work specifically with the stock M20 intake manifolds. Our custom, patent-pending SSSPACER evens airflow to each cylinder and increases overall available air during intake phase to all cylinders from the effects of the specially designed flow modifiers.
  • Increases effective plenum size by approximately 0.1 litre.
  • Decreases heat-soak of the throttle body.
  • Works with all M20 variations (M20B20, M20B23, M20B25, and M20B27). Works with everything from the stock throttle body to big bore throttle bodies and ported intake manifolds up to 66 mm (larger inlet sizes available by request).
  • No tune necessary (though it is recommended) — can be used with the stock tune.
  • Can be used on any engine from completely stock to completely upgraded.
  • Support multiple local businesses: Made in Colorado, USA from start to finish! All excess material is collected and recycled.
  • Full submersion anodized in signature Königsblau for a long-lasting finish.
  • Includes 2 OE-style paper gaskets and your choice of:
    • 4x extended studs, or
    • 4x hex bolts

Below you can see a comparison of airflow into each cylinder during intake phases for an M20B25 engine using the stock setup (VANILLA), versus with the SSSPACER installed. The test used identical cylinder conditions with the only change being the installation of the SSSPACER.

Through its unique airflow modifiers, the SSSPACER evens flow between each cylinder, allowing for more aggressive tuning and improved fuel efficiency. It also increases total airflow by improving overall flow to work with valve movement.



  • 1x SSSPACER (for M20)
  • 4x extended studs or 4x hex bolts
  • 2x paper gaskets
  • 1x pouch of Permatex Blue Threadlocker


  • Will this work on carbureted or Jetronic-equipped M20 engines?
    • No! This will only work on M20 engines equipped with Motronic ECUs (1985 and newer) with the stock intake manifold.
  • Do I need to modify my throttle body, vent lines, ICV, throttle cable, or anything else?
    • The ONLY modification you may need to make is to the power steering reservoir bracket. On some models (most notably the iX) the bracket needs to be bent slightly to create enough room for the stock intake boot.
  • Do I need a special tune?
    • No. This works with the stock tune, or any tune already designed for your vehicle. It is recommended to reset your ECU during installation and allow it to relearn fueling corrections (when used with EGO sensor feedback).
    • HOWEVER, this modification does allow for more aggressive tuning and more efficient fueling. So it is recommended to be tuned for this item if at all possible.
  • What is the bore size of the SSSPACER by default?
    • 66mm, which is larger than stock throttle body and intake manifold bore (64mm). All testing above was done on the stock throttle body and intake manifold with no modifications.


Installation Instructions – English (PDF)

Installation Instructions – Español (PDF)

Installation Instructions – 日本語 (PDF)

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm


Shipped and sold directly by SSSQUID!

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3 reviews for SSSPACER (M20)

  1. Kevingeeee (verified owner)

    Great quality all around and comes with everything needed. I was disappointed at the quality of the included stud bolts. There should be some type of Torx head or anything on the tip to tighten them into the manifold easier. You’re forced to use a special tool or vise grips which may mess up the threads


      For removing and installing studs, we recommend following the installation instructions, step #5 specifically:

      5. Remove the original throttle body studs from the intake manifold.
      – This can be done with a stud-removal tool, or…
      – They can be removed and installed by tightening two bolts against each other, then rotating the inner bolt anti-clockwise until the stud is removed, or rotating the outer bolt clockwise until the stud is completely installed.

  2. ethan navir (verified owner)

    Works perfectly! Instantly noticed improvement in mid range torque. Easy install.

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