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SSSquidBoard 173 for Motronic 1.1 and 1.3 ECU

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Buy two tunes, get the SSSquidBoard FREE! Automatically included with all applicable orders (while supplies last).

It’s here! Hot-swappable tune switching for many Motronic 1.1 and 1.3 ECUs (M1.1 or M1.3 DME) including, but not limited to the following ECU models.

  • 153
  • 173
  • 179
  • 380
  • 381
  • 524
  • 525
  • 526

While this daughterboard may fit into other ECUs, it has only been tested on the above models.

The SSSquidBoard is a great piece of hardware for those of you looking to run two separate tunes in your Motronic 1.1 or 1.3 ECU for situations like track days, smog testing, valet/shop security, fuel economy, octane switching, etc! What it does is allows you to install two chips within one single ECU and choose between which one you want to run. The best part? The SSSquidBoard does not discriminate between tunes or brands! Use any chip from any company you wish.

Install a performance tune in one slot for track days with higher octane, and the stock chip in the other slot for lower octane and daily driving; or get a valet mode tune in one slot to limit RPM and speed, and your race car tune in the other because race car. Quickly switch to a stock tune when putting your car through smog testing and never have to worry about anything looking out of place, then switch easily back to your performance tune as soon as you leave the shop with a crisp new “PASSED” sticker on your windshield. Never have to worry about a gas station having the correct octane on a road trip by easily switching back and forth between tunes with the flick of a switch. Heading to the dyno and need to compare two different setups? Not a problem!

Simply run the cable from your ECU to any mounting position of your choice, and hide the switch easily in your cabin with the included incognito black waterproof molded cover.


  • SSSquidBoard
  • 36in cable + switch

Please contact us for package and bulk discount options!

* Compatible tunes: only tunes from are able to switch while the engine is still running. Switching between other tunes may damage your engine, and should be done at the users’ discretion only.


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